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Who is Inclusive City

Kim Gray Inclusive City

Inclusive City was founded in May 2022 by Kim Gray who has held many Leadership roles both in the Insurance Industry and in Business and Technical Consulting Firms.

Coaching with Kim at Inclusive City

Kim studied Executive Coaching completing the Cert TIHR (Coaching) qualification at The Tavistock Institute for Leadership Coaching and the Practitioner’s Coaching Course at the Academy of Executive Coaching (AoEC).  She has been a member of the International Coaching Federation since 2015. 

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Inclusive City’s current clients includes consulting firms, technology services companies and a D,E&I focused talent company along with individual senior clients.

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How it Works

It takes a while to find your niche in Coaching and after two years of running Inclusive City, our coaching falls into three key areas:

  1. Leadership Mentoring & Coaching
    Supporting Leaders to avoid some of the pitfalls and develop strategic goals in order to deliver better results, developing a clear plan for success and ensuring support required is secured.
  2. D,E&I Consulting/Coaching
    Helping to define and deliver a “fit for purpose” D,E&I Strategy and a pragmatic plan to deliver it ensuring leadership adoption and support.
  3. Individual Coaching
    listening to and helping to identify some of the barriers to personal career growth and defining a plan with clear and achievable goals.  Unblocking long held beliefs that can prevent career and personal growth.

Our goal is to always bring out the best in others and unlock your potential.

About Coaching

Coaching is a safe space in which to explore certain aspects of your life and career and work out if you have any self-limiting beliefs and whether certain aspects of your approach or behaviour are blocking progress and need adjusting. 

Some of the areas of focus for coaching include:

  • Asking for what you need to help you develop further
  • Ensuring you have a level of comfort around your remuneration
  • Getting on top of and managing emotions
  • Building confidence to better make your points so they are heard and valued
  • Dealing with any blockers in your head from the past
  • Building presentation skills in order to enjoy them
  • Being able to say No and not feeling guilty
  • Not asking for permission – becoming bolder.
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What Our Clients Think

Coaching with Kim enables me to discuss key business issues, both internal and external, and to explore together some of the different approaches required to manage the challenges faced when constantly growing a consulting business in a highly competitive market.  Her understanding of both the Insurance and consulting industry, together with her deep knowledge of the pain points, is invaluable for me to reinforce and validate our approaches in developing both myself and importantly our employees. 

Mark Weller

Managing Partner, ECMS, part of Eames Group
Kim has been a Non-Executive Director for Primis-Talent for over 2 years and during that time she has provided ad-hoc Coaching and Coaching/Mentoring to members of the Team which is proving really helpful to me as we are a fast-paced organisation and I am often time poor.  Feedback from recipients has been extremely positive, Kim has helped them to think about what they are trying to achieve and what they need to do to deliver the results required. 

Ben Broughton

Founder & MD, Primis Talent

Working with Kim has encouraged me to take a step back to reflect on what is really important to me, which I have valued highly.

Tom Winstanley

Working with Kim and Inclusive City has been a breath of fresh air and polaris for me. Her experience in business has been invaluable and supported me through some key challenges. The coaching has helped me make better informed decisions, manage key relationships and stand a little taller whilst doing so!  For a growing business, like mine, I’ve found it helpful to have someone on the other end of the phone. I’ve learnt so much in the process.

Sophie Peters

Director, Seymourjohn
I engaged Kim and Inclusive City to coach us in support of our growth plans within ENP Media.  I wanted to explore different ways of developing new client strategies and our work together helped us to successfully make a shift and contributed to our growth. 

Mandy Clark

Managing Partner, ENP Media

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